Meet our team

Yvan Vindevogel


Yvan Vindevogel is the founder of Damier Group. Additionally, he is the founder of Omega Pharma, Alpha Pharma (now Fagron), Vemedia Pharma (now Cooper Consumer Health) and Vision Healthcare. Currently he is the Executive Chairman (ex-CEO) of Vision Consumer Health and Chairman of Cooper Consumer Health.

Henri Vindevogel

Investment Manager

Henri Vindevogel joined Damier Group in 2019. Prior to Damier, Henri has gained experience at Rothschild&Co working on several M&A transactions.

Henri is currently a Board Member at VHC Investco (Vision Healthcare) and President and Board Member of TOCG.

Jean-Yves De Vel


Jean-Yves De Vel joined Damier Group in 2020. Prior to Damier, Jean-Yves was CFO at Vemedia Pharma and Nuscience Group and held positions at PwC.

Jean-Yves is currently a Board Member at TOCG.

Henri Vermeersch

Investment Manager

Henri Vermeersch joined Damier Group in 2021. Prior to Damier, Henri was an Associate at Alantra and an Analyst at SDM Valorum working on various M&A transactions.

Henri is currently a Board Member at Dr Organic.