Helping entrepreneurs fly higher

Where it started

Damier was founded by Yvan Vindevogel, a successful entrepreneur who has established his roots in the consumer healthcare business. As the co-founder of Omega Pharma and as the founder of Vemedia Pharma and Vision Healthcare, three prominent leading international companies active in the consumer healthcare sector, Yvan Vindevogel has acquired an intimate knowledge of the consumer healthcare industry and is nowadays a recognised personality in his area of expertise. Now joined by its advisors and employees, Damier seeks to leverage its knowledge, entrepreneurial mindset and financial expertise to help actively grow and support businesses to the next stage and help it reach its long term goals.

Where it’s going

Damier’s ambition is two-folded. On the one-hand, it will seek to actively build up platforms in its target branded consumer markets by intertwining companies, brands or distribution platforms that demonstrate a natural fit to grow together and benefit from each other, creating leading players in their respective fields.

On the other hand, Damier also seeks to actively run an investment activity. Both minority and majority stakes are considered.  Furthermore, Damier also invests and co-invests with world class PE, family offices and VC companies to take advantage of big ticket opportunities and further grow Damiers' network to stay on the frontline of the fast changing investment world.