Squad Communication Team


The Damier Group, through its subsidiary Vision Healthcare, acquires Squad Communication Team based in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Squad has over 25 years of experience in creating brands and launching products and services of tomorrow. We’re problem solvers, designers and visual storytellers who develop the environments, packages and communications that impact brand experiences.

Yvan Vindevogel, CEO of Damier Group says: “I’ve worked with Jan Deryckere and his Squad team for many years and value their no-nonsense and solution driven approach. Squad will team up with internal creative cells across the group to increase our speed to market.”

Jan Deryckere: “We will continue to support many strong brands, including for companies such as Balta, Vemedia, Damiergroup, Renolit and US Floors. We know a successful outcome begins with managing change, so my first mission is to strengthen the Squad team to meet the challenges of tomorrow.